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Chota Bheem Catch Practice

Game Information:
Name: Chota Bheem Catch Practice


Aliens have attacked Dholakpur. Chota Bheem and his friends, Kalia, Chtki, Raju and Jaggu, have taken the responsibility to defeat the Aliens and protect Dholakpur. The Aliens have promised that they would leave Dholakpur if the people of Dholakpur can beat them in the game of Cricket. Bheem has accepted the challenge and has made his own team that comprises of his friends. However, unfortunately, Bheem's team do not have much expreince of Cricket when compared to the Alien Team. So, the Bheem Team has organised a catch practice event so that his team can master the art of Cricket.


In the game, Bheem is playing as Batsman and his friends, Jaggu, Raju, Dholu-Molu and Chutki are fielders. When Bheem hits the ball with his bat, the fielders have to catch it to earn points.

To catch the ball, you have to click on the fielder the ball has been hit to. Further instructions for the game can be found in the game play itself.

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