About Chota Bheem Games

First episode of Chota Bheem was aired back in 2008 and since then it has become the most popular animated TV Show in India as well as its neighboring countries. There’s not a single kid in India that doesn’t know about Chota Bheem, Mighty Raju, Chutki, Jaggu, Kalia and Dholu-Bholu. Chota Bheem is the creation of Green Gold Animation.

If you don’t know about Chota Bheem, he is a boy from Dholakpur, who, with his friends, helps the people of Dholakpur as well as the neighboring villages to defeat evil forces. The name Bheem has been derived from a character of Mahabharata, an Indian epic, whose name was Bheem. There are many similarities between Bheem of Dholakpur and Bheem of Mahabharata. Both of them have huge muscle power and always do what is right. Raju is a friend of Chota Bheem. He is a small boy who loves archery. There is a film series focusing only on Raju named Mighty Raju. We have a few Mighty Raju games too. Other friends of Bheem are Chutki and Jaggu Bandar. Jaggu is a monkey. There are a few more notable characters – Kalia, Dholu and Bholu. Kalia Pehalwan is Bheem’s notorious enemy. In some episodes he acts as an enemy of Bheem while in some others he helps him as his friend. Dholu and Bholu are followers of Kalia. We have a few Kalia games, Dholu Bholu games and Chutki games too.

Chota Bheem lives in Dholakpur, a small village in India. Dholakpur is ruled by a great king named Indravarma. He has a lot of respect for Bheem and his friends and all the villagers respect him too. He has a daughter – Indumati who is also a friend of Bheem. Pehalwanpur is a neighboring village of Dholakpur. Pehlwan Kichak lives in Pehalwanpur and is a competitor of Chota Bheem. The real and dangerous enemies of Chota Bheem are Damyan, Daku Mangal Singh and Kirmada. There are some other characters – Shvani, sister of Chota Bheem, Professor Shashtri Dhoom Ketu, Avi Chacha, Tun-Tun Mausi and Dhooni Baba.

Chota Bheem Games

Seeing the popularity of Chhota Bheem television show, we have dedicated one complete section of our website- MeraGames.com to Chota Bheem Games. We have all type of games of Chata Bheem. In our website, you can play cricket with Chota Bheem, you can play basket ball, soccer and hockey with Chota Bheem too. You can also fight with Daku Mangal Singh, Damyan and Kilmada. We have Chutki games and Mighty Raju games too. You can learn how to cook from Chtuki and how to play cricket from Raju. You can also race with Kalia and Raju.

All the games in our website are free to play and can be played online; you don’t have to download Chota Bheem games on your PC. However, we also provide Chota Bheem games free download. To play Chhota Bheem games, just click on the Chota Bheem game image you want to play. These games are made using Flash and you can play them only if you have Flash plugin installed in your browser.